Amanda Taylor, Director
Ferriday, LA

Good Morning Ladies: Well this was more than outstanding. I had so many people thanking me for bringing them. I broke the rules of the library board and extended their time to perform with an intermission. Mr. John explained to me how the show would go. I had some library board members dancing out the door at the end.

Not only are they great performers and the show is Las Vegas like with costumes and dancing, but the individuals were so sweet to work with. They loved their hotel rooms on the river and they enjoyed the dinner that was catered. It was all singing….. no jokes, no talking…………..just constant music! We got what we paid for. We had 300 to attend.

Thank you for this opportunity!!

Harold Senn
 Uniquely Union Festival

"The Masters of Soul delivers! Totally professional, easy to work with and not a 'diva' in the group. If you want a total Motown experience don't hesitate to book this great group of performers."

The Dunn Center - NC Wesleyan College 

Friday night was amazing!!! Even though we have had the group several times and they are always good…………..Friday night was “off the charts” We had a great crowd and the most diverse crowd I have seen here in my 9 years as Director. The show was outstanding and the audience was so engaged and happy. The Love Train at the end was so much fun and a good group of people joined in and led the group to their Meet and Greet in the Lobby with high fives coming from people of all colors and ages as we went by. It was a Rocky Mount love in like I have never witnessed. One of our patrons told me that she wanted us to “take the LOVE that we felt for one another tonight and spread it across our entire region.” God bless them!!!!!

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in Hilton Head., SC

“Three sold out shows with standing ovations in each show! They were easy, easy, easy to work with and their show was flawless, absolutely flawless. Our audience loved them and they were the bomb, soup to nuts. Our tech crew loved them, our audience loved them and we want to have them back. One of the best cover shows we've ever had. I can't say enough good things. Just terrific, this is a real hit!”​

Charles W. Sabey - Cultural Arts Supervisor
Freedom Hall - Park Forest, IL 

We had a great night here on Feb. 22! Sold out house and the show just did a fabulous job of entertaining! Everything went as well as it could and our audience loved them. Great group of folks to work with too! So….great job in recommending them to us and thank you for your work to support this!

They may warrant an encore engagement, when do you get an idea of their touring for 2013 – 2014? I know they are just completing this tour so maybe they don’t even want to think about it yet!!

Heather L. Stanley
Rylander Theatre - Americus, GA 

The show was a smash hit, or as my Mayor (who never attends anything at the theatre) said “This was a homerun!” So that’s a good thing to hear. The audience absolutely loved them. The ladies were so gracious and made a special point to call a gentleman out by name and acknowledge his birthday. I will definitely recommend them to my colleagues at our next Georgia Presenters meeting!

Thanks for all of your help in making this fundraiser such a success! 

Events Coordinator & Box Office Manager
College of The Albemarle

I have NEVER, yes I said never, seen EC patrons get up and dance during a concert!!! I sat next to one lady who I was pretty sure we'd have to call 911 for if she didn't calm down!!! She was dancing, brought her own sweat rag, we gave her a fan and she stood up and danced almost the whole concert! We had so much fun people watching! Even the men got up and danced! It was like being in church at times, hands were raised, I heard a few amens' cheeks hurt by the end of the night because I had smiled and laughed so much!!! Joe and my mom were able to go to the concert and they had a great time!

Carl M. Freeman Foundation - Shelby, DE
Joshua M. Freeman Foundation

"Thank you for checking in. Our audience just loved the show. Who wouldn’t love music from that era, especially with this group. Very professional, friendly and extremely easy to work with." 

Levitt Pavilion Steelstacks - Bethlehem, PA 

Client’s quote: “The show was the best show of our summer and our biggest crowd to date! The crowd was huge – spilling out to the sides and hanging from the steel rafters! They were fabulous and the audience loved them! We’re near NYC and Philadelphia and they are by far one of the best Motown bands I have ever seen and we have a lot of exceptional talent nearby. People are already asking when we’re going to bring them back next year! They were wonderful to work with and we were just so thrilled to have them as part of our season.”

Bardo Arts Center, Western Carolina University Cullowhee, NC. 
Paul Lormand

"On Sunday, September 11, 2011, we opened our 2011-2012 Galaxy of Stars Series to a SOLD-OUT crowd of 942. This is a troupe that puts its heart and soul into every song. Deneen’s (Lady D) rendition of Neither One of Us by Gladys Knight was indeed a show stopper. Overall, the show has Great Popular Appeal."


"They were fantastic! The audience loved them and have asked that we bring them back. They indicated that they too would like to come back...what very, very wonderful folks they all are, so pleasant to work with and such genuinely delightful people. Their show was the perfect Season closer. We will work on something for our 12-13 season. "

John's Island Service League Fundraiser - Vero Beach, FL. 

"Your group was fabulous and it was fun to see the inimitable "Ed Sullivan" again. Our sold-out audience filled the dance floor immediately and stayed longer than any previous event, so everyone obviously had a great time. The feedback has been glowing!"

University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville - Batesville, AR . 
Brian Berry, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Services

"It was a great show. We had 451 in attendance. We will definitely consider having them back. They were extremely easy to work with, and I would definitely recommend them."

Grenada Arts Partnership - Grenada, MS. 
Dr. Martha Cofer, Academic Dean, Grenada Center

"This group is truly the masters of their music. Phenomenal talent.  

They received three standing ovations during their first set. Many more ovations were to come! I have never seen a group so warmly received by an audience. They won over the audience on the first note and continued performing with thundering applause to the end. We wanted them to play all night!

Their love of this music shows in every set. Their costumes are “right on” and their voices are awesome. Each set is very energetic, and their love of performing shows with every choreographed move and song.

They are professional both on and off the stage. It was a pleasure working with this group. They are wonderful performers and people! I wish each group we worked with was this much fun."

CityStage & Symphony Hall - Springfield, MA. 
Cynthia J. Anzalotti, President

"The Show is an awesome trip back to the 50's, 60's, & 70's. The audience moved and sang along with every song! A beautiful group of people to work with and an awesome concert. I recommend them to everyone."

USC-Lancaster Performing Arts series. 

"I just wanted to let you know The Show blew us away Friday night. They were incredible. We have a lot of national artists come through the venue and none are more talented vocalists than these guy were."

The Dunn Center - NC Wesleyan College

"They were fabulous and we had about 1,000 people. The most diverse audience, in every way, that I have seen since coming to the Dunn 6 years ago. They are easy to work with and oh so talented! We will book them again in the future. Thanks." 


"It was great! They were more than pleasant and purely professional...I'd definitely recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE - our audience already wants them to come back! Thanks again!"